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Tomato, onion, ginger prices continue to soar

Prices of tomato, onion, ginger, the core ingredients of kitchen, continues to rise as a rate of one-kilogram tomato has touched at Rs 80 and Rs 100 in the local market of provincial capital. A noticeable increase in prices of veggies, food grains and other important kitchen items registered, while vendors are taking full advantage of the increase in prices, to further squeezed inflation strike masses, according to survey conducted byBusiness Recorder here on Sunday.

The continuous price rise in the basic and essential commodity is causing inconvenience to the middle class people as well as the poor, due to increase in petroleum products. Also, hoarding of tomatoes by the hoarders in order to sell them at a higher rate is fuelling the suffering of people for the holy month.

Shopkeepers have charged buyers with manifold rates of commodities, despite the displaying official price list. “Is any authority to keep check on increasing prices of essential food items? asks buyer while purchasing vegetable in local market.

The survey noticed that the wholesale price of tomato is hovering in local vegetable market in Peshawar at Rs 70 and Rs 80 per kilogram, while in retail selling at Rs 100 per kilogram. Similarly, the price of onion is also increased as a five-kilogram good-quality onion available at Rs 280 and Rs 300, which was sold at Rs 180 during preceding week. Ginger is another most daily-kitchen use item, available at Rs 240 per kilogram, against the Rs 160/- recorded in previous week, according to survey. Likewise, the potato is selling at low price for last couple month, has also touched at new peak, as a five-kilogram potato, being sold at Rs 200 and Rs 120 against the Rs 70 five kg, during the preceding week.

Wholesalers in provincial capital market said that the price of tomato has gone up due to low supply as commodity mostly come from Sindh and other areas of the province, therefore, it registered substantial increased. They, however, expressed the hope the price will go down within next week or so. They also attributed that heavy rains in upper areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the scanty rainfall in Southern parts of the country has also affected the supply, hence, pushing up the prices.

Tomato traders attributed the rise in prices to drop in supplies from southern region and high prices at other supplying regions in anticipation of drought. Prices of tomato in many big cities range from Rs 80 per kg to Rs 100 per kg.

It was also noticed a sharp increase in price of vegetable in market, according to survey, a five-kilogram peas available at Rs 1000, ladyfinger available at Rs450, shimla mirch at Rs 400, and a five-kg arvi being sold at Rs 250, and karela at Rs 200. A five-kilogram turi being available at Rs 400, a five-kg potato at Rs 200 and Rs 150, a five-kg cauliflower at Rs 100, a five-kg cabbage at Rs 150, a five-kg tenda at Rs 250, a five-kg turnip at Rs 150.

According to survey, the prices of food-grains also surged up, a 49-kilogram sac of rice, has been increased at Rs 5,600, from Rs 5200/-, while a 49-kg bag of Dal channa rose up at Rs 4,600, which was selling at Rs 4300/- during the preceding week, according to survey. Similarly, the survey further witnessed that a 49-kg sac of good-quality big white bean, being sold at Rs 5,000/- against Rs 4,500/-, while price of a 49-kilogram bag of Malaka masoor, has also been increased at Rs 6,300/- which was selling at Rs 6,000/- during the corresponding week.

Red bean, weight 49-kilogram available with range of Rs 4,500/- and Rs 5,500 in the market, while a 49-kg sac of Dal mash, being sold at Rs 9,000 with registering an increase of Rs 200/- per bag, dotti dal, available with range of Rs 7,500/- and Rs 7,800/- according to the survey, while moong available at Rs 7,500 in the market, soji sac weight 49-kg, being sold at Rs 2,300/-. A 49-kilogram sac of sugar being sold at Rs 2,870/-, which was selling at Rs 2,650, registered a surge of Rs 220/-.

In the survey, it was noticed that all brands of ghee/cooking oil remained steady, remained on high side in the market, as 16-kilogram tin available with range of Rs 1710 to Rs 2380, while prices of cooking oil also firm, as tin of 16-Kilogram available at Rs 2630, Rs 2300, Rs 2400 and Rs 2680.

It was notice that rates of eggs remained declined as a box containing 300 eggs, is being sold at Rs 1500, while in retail market egg is available at Rs 70 and Rs 80 per dozen. Likewise, a good weight live chicken is being sold with range of Rs 250, and Rs 270, while chicken meat is available at Rs 135 per kilogram. Cow meat is available at Rs 300, and beef available at Rs 600 per kilogram. Vendors in provincial capital, also charging consumers with artificial rates of fresh milk, as available at Rs 60 Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kilogram, while yogurt is also being sold at Rs 80 and Rs 90 per kilogram, despite official fix rate of Rs 55 for fresh milk of one litre, and Rs 70 for one kilogram yogurt.

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