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Onion Powder Production Line

Full Automatic Onion Powder Production Line

Full Automatic Onion Powder Production Line is used to make onion powder in the factory. It mainly includes dehydration onion slice production line, onion powder grinder machine a ...
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Full Automatic Onion Powder Production Line is used to make onion powder in the factory. It mainly includes dehydration onion slice production line, onion powder grinder machine and onion powder packing machine

1. Dehydration Onion Slice Production Line

includes onion peeling machine, onion washing machine, onion water removing machine, onion slicing machine and onion multi-layer dryer.  This line is fully automatic, after processing, we can get dehydration onion and can storage this dehydration onion for following the grinder process.



Working Video of Dehydrated Onion Slice Production Line

2. Onion Drying and Powder Grinder Machine

It includes onion multi-layer dryer, dehydration onion vibrate feeder, onion grinder, onion plansifter, dust collector.  Before grinder from dehydration onion, we need to dry it again, because onion has the feature of easy water absorbing.  This multi-layer will reduce the moisture content of dehydrated onion to about 8%.  After dry again, this dehydration onion will get into the following grinder plant to get onion powder.



Automatic Onion Powder Grinder with Cyclone Collection is used to crush dry onion slice material into power material. Through changing the different screens, we can get different size onion powder products. It is mainly used for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food(example: ginger, chili, pepper, oil and wheat, soybean, sugar, star anise, cinnamon) and other materials.


Working Video of Onion Slice Dryer Machine

Working Video of Continuous Onion Powder Grinder Machine

3. Onion Powder Bottle Packing Machine

Most of High-quality onion powder product is sold in a bottle. In the factory, we will need an onion powder bottle filling capping and labeling line. Onion Powder Bottle Filling Capping and Labeling Machine mainly includes four parts, including bottle ordering machine, bottle powder filling capping machine, bottle aluminum foil induction sealing machine and bottle labeling machine.



Company Profile

Romiter Machinery Co., Ltd. is a market-leading designer and a manufacturer of onion processing machines. Romiter Machinery wins a wide reputation for high-quality machines with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance, long lifespan and an excellent technical support team.

Now, Our factory can provide onion dry cleaning machine, onion size sorting grading machine, onion water washing machine, bulk type onion peeling machine, green onion peeling machine, batch type onion peeling machine, onion peeling and root cutting machine, onion root concave cutting machine, onion ring cutting machine, onion cube shape dice cutting machine, onion slice cutting machine, onion paste machine, onion crisp frying machineonion dryer machine, onion powder production line, onion dosing packing machine, onion mesh bag packing machine, onion transplanter and onion seeds planter

Our onion processing products have passed with CE, ISO and SGS Certificates and have been widely sold all over the world.


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