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Mexico Onion Processing Market Introduction

Romiter Machinery has manay customer from Mexico for onion processing machine, especially for onion peeling machine, onion root cutting machine and onion slicing machine.  We make some research on Mexico Market. Here is some introduction for Mexico Onion Processing Machine Market

I. Advantages of Onion Processing in Mexico

1. Abundant Raw Materials for Onion Processing

Mexico is the leading producer in the world with more than 1.4 million tons of fresh onion every year. 95% of Mexican onion production is concentrated in Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Michoacan, Baja California, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, Morelos, Puebla, San Luis Potosi, Jalisco and Sonora. And in seven states like Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Zacatecas, Baja California, Michoacan and Guanajuato, 74% of the national production of onion is concentrated, accounting for 70% of the national area planted.
80% of area planted in Mexico is under the irrigation regime and 20% under rain-fed conditions, allowing the fresh supply of onions all year. Onions are seasonal in autumn-winter cycles and spring-summer. In March to June, 81% of the autumn-winter production is concentrated at 700,000 tons, while 91% of the spring-summer production is close to 600,000 tons, concentrated in August to January. In two months: February and July, the onion production is the lowest in one year. In large quantity of onions, 90% of onions are white onion, 7% purple, and 3% yellow.


2. Large Market Demand for Onion Processing

In Mexico, onion production targets 85% of the fresh produce for domestic consumption, 12% for processing like seasoning, drying and 3% left to develop oils. As one of the most versatile ingredients in Mexican cuisine, onions are generally processed into flavoring, juice, sauces and etc. in salad, soups, meats and other meals. A family of four in Mexico often uses at least one kilogram of onions a week.
In the world, onion is the fourth most important vegetable. Every year around 20% onions in the world are processed into various onion products like dried onion slice, onion granules, onion powder and other onion flavorings.

II. Characteristics of Onion Deep-processed Products

Onion powder and onion juice are both processed from fresh onions with high technology to maximize the preservation of the quality of onions, making them own the original onion taste and nutrition.
Onion powder and onion juice have the health benefits that onions possessed:
♦ Protection against allergens
♦ Help in proper digestion of foods,keeping the appropriate amount of good bacteria at optimal levels in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.
♦ A natural remedy to keep your cholesterol under control
♦ Help to maintain a healthy blood glucose level
♦ Promotes oral health
No people really would like to eat the whole onions daily to get benefits the above. So onion powder and onion juice are the great choice as food additives in the health diet.


Besides these above advantages, onion powder and onion juice also have their own spotlights: easy to use and convenient to transport, less loss of nutritional value, high technology employed. As the high-grade onion products, onion powder and onion juice are favored by the international market.

III. Application of Onion Products

Onion powder and onion juice as the traditional flavorings are featured with higher nutritious value and health care value, long period storage, convenient to transport. Powdered onion is perfect as a seasoning, a condiment, in chili, salad dressings, dips, marinades, and as an addition to hamburgers. As the flavoring or food additive for various food, onion powder and onion juice are widely used for producing sauce, soup, prepared food, and other kinds of refined food.

IV. Onion Processing Procedure

1. Onion juice production
Choose fresh onions→onion peeling→onion washing→smashing→defibrination→homogeneity→ concentration→sterilization→filling→final product

  • peeled by onion peeling machine
  • washed by vegetable cleaning machine
  • smashed by crusher machine and grounded by fruit pulping machine
  • onion juice is processed under vacuum press by the vacuum evaporator
  • sterilization and package with the packing machine


2. Onion powder production
Onion juice→drying→grinding→screening→weighing→packing→final product

  • onion juice is dried by the drying machine to form onion powder.
  • the degree of grinding depends on the customer’s demands.


V. Onion Processing Factory Site

To start onion processing, the factory site should be taken into consideration. Depending on our experience, there are several factors affect factory site choosing for your reference.

1. Convenient traffic
The factory should be in the place with convenient transportation, which helps raw materials import and final products export. It would be better that the factory is near where abundant raw materials can be supplied, which can lower the transportation cost.

2. Geographical location
The factory location should be flat with good engineering geological environment. Furthermore, the factory should not be far away from sufficient basic projects such as supplies of electricity and water.

3. Factory area
Take the onion production line of 143t/day for example including onion powder of 3t/day and onion juice of 6t/day. The factory area consists of as follows: the workshop is 1728㎡, the storeroom for final products occupies 450㎡, room for packaged materials also need 450㎡, the land for the storage of raw onions is 1800㎡, the land for sewage treatment system is 450㎡ and etc.. Please note that the factory area depends on the production scale, investment and so on.

VI. Wide Foreground Market of Onion Processing

Healthy benefits from onions are widely known by people all over the world, so onion processed products are increasingly popular in the market. Furthermore, with the development of fast food industry and convenience food, onion powder and juice as the necessary flavoring and additive are in great demand in the world market. Onion powder and onion juice are featured with many merits like easy to use, convenient to transport, higher nutritional value, wide application and so on. As the high grade onion products, onion powder and juice are popular with people all over the world.

Onion powder and onion juice as the new products are limited by raw materials, region, processing level and investment scale, so the supply of them is insufficient. In the world market, onion powder and juice are in short supply. However, onion powder and onion juice processing industry is the faster-growth business and the world market is growing rapidly. The demand of deep-processed onion product is on the rise, which contributes to big gap of supply and the demand of international onion product. Thus, onion processing industry owns good market prospect.

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