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Egypt Garlic Onion Processing Market

Many Egypt customer purchase onion processing equippment from Romiter Machinery.  It seems Egypt has very good market for Garlic and Onion Processing Business. Let’s see and analysis Egypt Garlic Onion Processing Market

Garlic and Onion Cultivation in Egypt

Garlic and onions have a long history in Egypt. There are historical records shows that garlic and onions were an important health food for the workers during the construction of the great Pyramid of Egypt. Garlic and onions are two of the most important Egyptian economic crops at home and abroad that have a global reputation. They are important crops used for food as well as medicine.
The cultivated areas of garlic and onions in this country are the Lower Egypt, the Middle Egypt and the Upper Egypt, which is mainly located Nile Valley and Nile Delta Area. And the production differs from one province to another.

Egypt-garlic-production Egypt-onion-production

Egyptian Garlic and Onions Products for Export

In Egypt, garlic and onions are generally cultivated for both local consumption and export. And they are exported both in fresh or dried form.
Egypt ranks the forth leading country in the world for garlic production after China, India and Korea. European Union is one of the most important importers of Egyptian fresh garlic, and Germany and Italy are the most important markets of EU for fresh garlic; the Arab free trader’s zone is the most important economic bloc’s importers of Egyptian garlic powder, and Syria and Morocco are the most important markets of the Arab free trader’s zone for Egyptian garlic powder.
The Egyptian onion exports occupies the fourth place in exports of agricultural commodities after each of cotton, rice and potatoes. Importers of the Egyptian onions includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen in the Arab free trade zone, Lebanon comes in the first place, Jordan is ranked second. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is the most important economic blocs importing Egyptian fresh onions; the Saudi market is one of the important markets importing Egyptian fresh onions, followed in the ranking by the Arab free trade zone which occupies the second place among the economic blocs for fresh onions; the EU is the most important economic blocs and importers of dried Egyptian onion, and Germany and Netherlands are considered as the most important markets for importing Egyptian dried onions. And, if there is a onion production lack in US, America is also a great import country for onions from Egypt.


Egypt Dried Garlic and Onions Processing

Drying or dehydrating is one of the methods used to produce a concentrated product by reducing the moisture content under suitable temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity, which is helpful for food preservation. After dehydration, the food can be simply reconstituted without substantial loss of flavor, taste, color and aroma.
Dried garlic and onions is a one of the leading products for Egyptian export, and the export industry of dried garlic and onions is in the first place with huge investment, so producing dried garlic and onions is a significant gesture in Egypt. In 2015, there was a new drying plant set up in Sohag to replace the one closed in January 2009 after a working period of 49 years. The new drying facility is to take advantage of the large amount of garlic and onion production and get them ready for export.
Dehydration of garlic and onions is one of the most profitable process in terms of economic return in Egypt. There are 15 plants spreading over 11 provinces to dry garlic and onions. The importance of dehydration is to increase the value of the manufacturer as well as the availability of labor and an abundance of excellent raw materials.

1. Dried Garlic Powder Production

Garlic powder is a hygienically-prepared product of good quality which is mainly used in food preparation as a condiment, as well as in many medicinal preparations as a carminative and gastric stimulant. It is easy and convenient to use and store and can be transported without any difficulty. Machines mainly involved in manufacturing process of garlic powder are garlic separating machine, peeling machine, slicing machine, drying machine, grinding machine, packing machine.

2. Dried Onion Production


Dehydrated onions are regarded as a kind of product with potential in world trade, and it has a large demand of dehydrated onion in the European countries. Onions are generally dried from an initial moisture content of about 86% (wb) to 7% (wb) or less to get efficient storage and processing. Dehydrated onions in the form of flakes or powder are in extensive demand in several countries, such as UK, Japan, Russia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. Equipment required in dried onion production includes onion root cutting machine, peeler, washer, vegetable cutter, dryer, etc..

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