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Pakistan Onions Processing Market Introduction


Onion is an significant vegetable crop, commercially grown in many countries of the world. Pakistan is one of largest onion producing country in the world, occupied the fifth position according to the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization. Onions in Pakistan are usually utilized as vital vegetables in all households due to rich nutrients. Besides fresh eating, large quantity of onions are also treated as condiments in several types including, pickling, chutney, sauces and dehydration. Therefore onion processing business in Pakistan is in need to fulfill the large demand for variety of onion processed food.

I. Analysis of Onions in Pakistan

Onions are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, a good source of fiber, and with low calories. Onions also contain mineral components such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, selenium and phosphorus. Onions are sodium, fat, and cholesterol free, and provide a number of other important nutrients. Thereby onions are good for human beings’ health and favored by people.

1. Onions differ in the color in Pakistan

Yellow onion
87% of onions are yellow onions in Pakistan, which can be used for cooking almost any food.

Red Onion
8% of onions are red onions, for fresh uses or for grilling, charbroiling, and roasting.

White Onion
5% of onions are white onions, for salads, white sauces and etc..

2. Onions are seasonal in Pakistan with two types

Spring/Summer Onions (March through August)
Yellow, white and red onions are available in this type. They are popularly used in salads, sandwiches, and lightly-cooked dishes.

Fall/Winter Onions (August through May)
Yellow, white and red onions are also available in this type of onions, used for savory dishes that require longer cooking times and/or more flavor.

II. Benefits of Onion Processing in Pakistan

1.Prolong onions storage time

A diseased one in onions is prone to effect other onions. So if you left onions which one diseased onion in unattended in store for more than one week, there will be more diseased onions. Onion processing like dehydration can lower water content to make products less susceptible to decay and prolong onion life for later usage. Moreover dehydration contributes to much easier and less expensive transportation.

2.Increase the added value of onions

Except for fresh eating, onions are commonly processed into condiments like pickled onions, chutney, sauces, dehydration and etc.. The pickled onions, onion sauce and crispy onion rings are all sold in higher price than the value of raw materials-fresh onions. Furthermore, various onion processing can expand the scope of onion consumption for more profit.

III. Various Onions Product Processing

Deep-processed onion products in Pakistan contain dehydrated onion rings, pickled onions, onion paste and so on. Pickled onions with delicious taste are perfect for serving with sandwich and salad buffets at parties. The major product is onion paste mainly play as the seasoning which can suppress the unwanted smell of fish and meat, or as added food into the soup, dessert or vegetable salad, increase appetite and so on. And crispy onion slices are the popular snacks for children and young people. Now here are the processing procedures for these major onion products.

1.Pickled Onion Making

Onions differ in the color in Pakistan

1.1 Prepare fresh onions

1.2 Onion root cutting
Cut onion root by the onion root cutter machine to cut onion tops and tails cleanly one time without damage. suitable for kinds of onions.

1.3 Onion peeling
After root cutting, onion will be peeled by onion peeler machine to can automatically remove the peels of onion to produce smooth onion without traces of cut and dent.

1.4 Onion ring cutting
Cut onions into fine slices by onion slicer machine which can also cut other solid vegetable into slices, such as garlic, ginger, potato and so on.


1.5 Add onion slices into the pickling liquid and then store
Soak sliced onions into a mixture of vinegar, salt, and sugar. Add additional spices or customize the mixture base on your demands. At last store onions for several weeks.

2. Onion Sauce Making Process


Prepare fresh onions→onion root cutting and peeling→onion slicing/shredding→onion crushing→colloid milling→onion acidifying and heating→onion enzymolysis→onion pulping→secondary colloid milling→onion concentrating→preheating onion→paste canning and sealing→sterilizing and cooling→finished product
●Choose fresh and pungent onions without the mildew as raw materials
●The thickness of onion slices is between 0.3-0.5cm
●The sieve mesh diameter should be 0.8cm.
●The clearance of colloid milling is adjusted to 30 microns
●Use 0.25-0.3% of citric acid to adjust the pH value of onions to 4.4-4.6. And heat the onion paste for 8 to 10 minutes under the temperature of 85-90 ℃
● The soluble solids in onion paste should be adjusted to 6-7%, 0.15-0.2% of enzyme added, 40-45℃ enzymolysis temperature, pH value of 4, 15-20mins. Soluble solids in onion paste after the enzymolysis generally are 6.5-7.5%.

3. Dehydrated and Crispy Onion Slice Production


Crispy onion slice is the further processed product based on dehydrated onion slice. Fry dehydrated onion slices and add tasty spices on them, then delicious crispy onion slices different fresh onions are achieved. Dehydration is able to prolong the storage time for further usage. Crispy onion slice is the popular snacks in the market.
3.1 Dehydrated Onion Making
Major steps of dehydrated onion slices: onion root cutting→peeling→cutting→washing→dehydration
3.1.1 Choose fresh onions with no putrefaction
3.1.2 Cut onion tops and tails by onion root cutting machine, then transport onions into onion peeler machine for automatically removing peels.
3.1.3 Cut onions into fine slices by onion ring cutting machine. The thickness of onion slice can be adjusted by the cutter machine, and generally cutting the onion into 3/8-inch slices will be better for drying.
3.1.4 Wash onion rings by water bubble washing machine with bubble, cycle surfing, high pressure spray washing way to get onion rings a full range of thorough cleaning.
3.1.5 After washing, onions need to be dried by the air dehydration machine. The low temperature airflow can effectively protect onions’ luster and the quality.
By now, the high quality dehydrated onions can be achieved. If you would like to get crispy onion rings, you need continue to process onions with several steps. Please see the following steps for crispy onion slice production.

3.2 Crispy Onion Slice Production

Besides the above five steps for dehydration, these following steps should be done to make crispy onion slices: frying, deoiling, flavoring and packing.
3.2.1 Fry onion rings by the fryer machine. The water temperature can be mechanically set. When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, there is cooling system can completely stop the water boiling. There are two types of fryer for choice: small scale frying machine with the manual discharging and large scale frying machine with the automatic discharging.
3.2.2 After frying, deoiling machine is used to remove extra oil from the fried onions quickly, then the extra oil will be collected by a plate. It is economical and practical.
3.2.3 For better taste, transport fried onion rings into the seasoning machine for seasoning, mixing and spraying sugar. Seasoning machines are in three types: octagonal type, disc type and drum type. Octagonal type and disc type mixes evenly and discharge automatically. Drum type is of automatic feeding and discharging, large output.
3.2.4 The last step is packing. Use automatic packing machine for weighing, filling food and injecting nitrogen automatically.

IV. Conclusion

To cater to the market demand, there will be more onion products with high quality to be exploited for onion processing industry. Pakistan is the leading onion producing countries, so there are abundant raw materials to produce onion products. Whether you are an onion grower who wants to increase the added value or an industrial onion processor in Pakistan, with our onion processing equipment your onion processing business will be more efficient and cost-effective.


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