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Onion Juicer Machine

Automatic Onion Juice Extractor Machine

Automatic onion juice extractor machine is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. It operates by using a rotating screw or auger to crush and press the produce, separat ...
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Automatic onion juice extractor machine is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. It operates by using a rotating screw or auger to crush and press the produce, separating the juice from the pulp.

Features of Onion Juice Extractor Machine

  1. Screw or Auger Mechanism: The central component of the machine is the screw or auger, which rotates and crushes the fruits or vegetables against a mesh or filter to extract the juice.
  2. Pulp Ejection: As the produce is crushed, the juice is separated from the pulp, and the pulp is typically ejected into a separate container.
  3. Slow Speed: Screw juice extractors typically operate at lower speeds compared to centrifugal juicers, which can help reduce oxidation and preserve more nutrients in the juice.
  4. Efficiency: Screw juicers are known for their efficiency in extracting juice, often yielding a higher amount of juice compared to other juicer types.
  5. Nutrient Retention: The slow extraction process can help retain more nutrients and enzymes in the juice, making it a popular choice among health-conscious consumers.
  6. Quiet Operation: Screw juice extractors operate more quietly compared to high-speed centrifugal juicers.
  7. Versatility: Many screw juice extractors can handle a wide range of produce, including leafy greens, soft fruits, and hard vegetables.
  8. Easy Cleaning: Most models have removable parts that are easy to disassemble and clean.
  9. Durable Build: Quality screw juice extractors are often made from sturdy materials designed to withstand the pressure and friction of the juicing process.

Screw juice extractors are particularly well-suited for juicing leafy greens, wheatgrass, and other fibrous or delicate produce. They are favored by those who prioritize maximum nutrient retention and juice quality.

To find a screw juice extractor machine, you can search online for kitchen appliance retailers, home appliance stores, or online marketplaces. Be sure to read reviews, compare features, and consider your juicing preferences and needs before making a purchase.




Different Model of Ginger Juicer Machine

Automatic-Onion-Juice-Extracting-Machine Automatic-Onion-Juice-Extracting-Machine-for-sale

Specification of Onion Juice Extracting Machine

Treatment capacity 500kg/h 1000kg/h 1500kg/h 2500kg/h
Overall dimension(mm) 1000*330*1220 1150*380*1220 500*480*1400 2090*700*1560
Weight(kg) 115 155 280 630
Power(kw) 1.5+2.2 1.1+2.2 1.5+4 5.5+15
Screw diameter(mm) 88 125 175 250
Filter screen aperture(mm) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Rotate Speed(r/min) 380 380 380 380
Voltage(V) 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
Material Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304

Working Video of Onion Juicer Machine

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