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Onion Powder Production Line

Continuous Working Onion Powder Grinding Machine with Dust Collector

Continuous Working Onion Powder Grinding Machine with Dust Collector is used to crush dry onion slices to powder.  It adopts continuous material feeding and continuous powder disc ...
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Continuous Working Onion Powder Grinding Machine with Dust Collector is used to crush dry onion slices to powder.  It adopts continuous material feeding and continuous powder discharge. Onion Powder Grinding Plant is composed of a crusher, cyclone separator, pulse dust-evacuator box and blower fan, etc. By means of relative motion between flexible and fixed fluted discs, the dry onion material is crushed through impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the material. The crushed onion powder flows into the cyclone separator by the gravitation of the blower and rotating centrifugal force, then discharges through the gate blower. Dust comes into the pulse dust evacuator box, filtered and recycled by the filter cylinder. The crushing onion powder size can be adjusted by the screen. The whole onion powder crushing machine adopts stainless steel made, this machine has no flying dust during production and can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the cost of the enterprise, thus reaching the international advanced level.

This Onion Powder Crushing Plant with Dust Collector is widely used for material grinding in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries, such as spices and grains of Turmeric Powder, onion powder, Chili Powder, Pepper Powder, Wheat flour, Rice Powder, etc.




Specification of Multi-Functional Onion Powder Grinder Plant

Model RM-MC30 RM-MC40 RM-MC50 RM-MC60 RM-MC80
Capacity (kg) 100-300 160-800 200-1000 250-1500 350-2000
Feed Size (mm) <12 <15 <18 <20 <25
Output Size (mesh) 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120 20-120
Discharge Motor Power (kw) 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Dust Collection Power 5.5 7.5 11 15 22
Crushing Motor Power 7.5 11 15 22 30
Weight (kg) 1100 1400 1800 2100 2450
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 5000*1300*2900 5500*1350*3100 6200*1450*3250 7500*1500*3450 8500*1550*3800
Capacity (kg) 50-200 80-300 100-800 200-1200 500-1500
Feed Size (mm) <10 <10 <15 <18 <20
Output Size (mesh) 80-450 80-450 80-450 80-450 80-450
Motor power (kw) 13.5 17.5 46 84.15 100.4
Spindle speed (rpm) 6000 4800 3800 2800 2400
Weight (kg) 1300 1700 2300 3200 3800
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 4200*1200*2700 4700*1250*2900 6840*1300*3650 7500*2300*4530 8200*2500*4600

Working Video of Continuous Working Onion Powder Crushing Making Plant

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