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How to Make a Blooming Onion

1. Cut off the top of the onion and remove the skin. Cut an “X” pattern into the the onion, being careful not to cut all the way through the onion. Leave 1/2″ of the base of the onion in tact. Continue cutting “X” patterns into the onion by turning the onion 90 degrees, then cut another “X” shape. Keep doing this until you cut at least 10-14 times across the onion. Remember to leave the bottom of the onion intact, otherwise the flower will be destroyed. After cutting the “X” patterns into the top of the onion cut out or pull out the center of the onion.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 1

2. Put the onion into an iced water bath for 2 minutes, carefully spread the onion petals apart and away from the center.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step-2

3. Pour oil into a cooking pot. There should be enough oil to cover the whole onion. Preheat the oil at medium-to-high level heat.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 3

4. Dip the onion into the egg (or baste the onion with the egg if preferred). Once coated with egg, dip the whole onion into the flour mixture. Make sure every petal is fully coated – you may need to pat some flour on hard to cover areas.

  • Keep the egg and flour mixtures separate. It helps to put them into separate bowls large enough for you to dip the onion in.
  • In using dry flour, this may prove difficult to ensure the onion is fully coated. If so, try adding some hot water into cornflour until the flour becomes semi-liquid, and then pour your onion into it. A small brush for basting can help.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 5

5. Deep fry the onion. At the beginning, the oil must be hot enough to set the onion coating, but within 20 seconds, turn the heat down to the lowest level, or the onion will be burnt. Fry onion for 8-10 minutes.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 6

6. When the onion turns a deep brown, take it up, and turn the heat back to the highest heat. When the oil is hot enough, put the onion back for no more than 20 seconds. The higher heat can help to extrude excess oil from the onion and its coating.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 7

7. Remove the onion from the oil. Let the fried onion rest on several pieces of paper towel to allow the the excess oil to be absorbed. If desired, shake some salt and pepper into the fried onion to season to taste.

How to Make Blooming Onion Step 8

8. Put the dipping sauce in a small dish. Place this dish at the middle of the blooming onion. Serve immediately.


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