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What are Difference of Spring Onion and Green Onion

There are many kinds of onion on the market, like small size onion also called shallot. Some onion is easy to misunderstand, like spring onion and green onion. Here we make some research about them. Here is one report.

Not many people are aware that there are so many kinds of onions because certain countries produce only certain kinds of onions. This is why, there are lots of misunderstandings about several kinds of onions, which are available in the market. The same thing applies to spring onion vs green onion.


However, we should pay attention more to the main differences between spring onion vs green onion. We heard a lot about them. But, admit it, we must have mistaken one of the other. This is especially when we are about to try some recipes that use either of them as the main ingredient.

Spring Onion


Spring onion is popular as the young harvested onion. It is easily noticed from its basic form, which is very small, with the bulb-shaped bottom. Its taste is softer than common onions, especially green onions. Though it is harvested at a very young age, it still ensures distinguished taste. This onion is the must-have’ ingredient for most Asian and Mexican cuisines. The leaves of spring onion are thick and firm. This is actually the main difference that people cannot find on green onions.

Green Onion


Now, let’s discuss green onion. Though both spring onion and green onion share almost similar shape, there are differences in the taste. It is easy to distinguish green onion from its smaller bulb shape, as compared to the spring onions. Either green onion and spring onion can be used as the main ingredients for sauteing and grilled cuisines. For most Asian people, green onion can be eaten raw with some cuisines. ( Read also : Chives vs Green Onions )

Spring Onion vs Green Onion

Spring Onion Green Onion
– The leaves of spring onion are thick and firm – Smaller bulb shape
– Main ingredients for sauteing and grilled cuisines – Main ingredient and also can be eaten raw with some cuisines
– Its taste is softer than common onions – Its taste is stronger



Even more confusing is the term that people use in different countries. British people call spring onions’ for either green onions or scallions. However, regardless of their small shapes, they have such a massive amount of nutrients. They are mostly used in healthy recipes like soup, grilled chicken or beef, and even mashed potatoes.

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